Swim with Jellyfish

What is it like to swim amongst these ethereal creatures?

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Eil Malk

                  Winter Wonderland

Located on Eil Malk island in Palau, the Jellyfish Lake formed from rising sea levels from 12,000 years ago, and is now home to millions of non-stinging jellyfish.

Isolated from the sea with no predators, the jellyfish of the lake have evolved into non-stinging, harmless ethereal creatures.

Guests to a jellyfish party

moon Jellyfish
golden Jellyfish

In the middle of this warm lake, we are guests to millions of jellyfish.

Watch dozens of jellyfish glide past you, safe and harmless for you to reach out. Pet them, touch them, feel the soft, delicate, almost intangible jellyfish.

Swim amongst these airy creatures in possibly the most alluring underwater experience yet.

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Golden Jellyfish

These charming creatures are closely related to the spotted jellyfish that inhabit the nearby lagoons. They are easily distinguished by a lack of spots and clubs, rendering them harmless and adorable.

The millions of golden jellyfish spend much of their lives on the move migrating horizontally across the lake daily.

They don’t just enjoy basking — they need its light to survive. The light rays nourish essential, algae-like organisms in the jellies’ tissues and provide energy as a byproduct of their photosynthesis.

Moon Jellyfish

These captivating jellies glide in the lake in its sublime fashion. Equally harmless, these alluring creatures are translucent and seemingly unreal, as if they are but hallucinations of our imagination.

Unlike the Golden jellyfish, the Moon jellyfish do not have an organised horizontal migration pattern.

At night, they migrate to the surface presumably to feed on the copepods — they also migrate to the surface at night — that make up a significant portion of the moon jellyfish diet in Jellyfish Lake.

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                  A Rendezvous with Beauty

Millions of jellyfish gliding past in possibly the most personal encounter with these celestial creatures.

It feels like a surreal dream;
just that it isn’t.

Come experience it for yourself.

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